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The THREAD SPREAD 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set in Full Ivory is a luxurious and eco-friendly bedding option that is perfect for those who want a comfortable and guilt-free sleep experience.

November 2023

“ There are countless options of Egyptian cotton sheets on Amazon, but this is one of the most popular and well-rated sets. These sheets stand out for their softness, breathability and are described as “neither cold nor hot.”

October 2023

“ Nearly 6,000 Amazon reviewers have given these sheets a five-star review, and they’re priced at under $70 — a total steal.

August 2023

“ Gave them a wash before use and they are sooo soft and lovely to the touch. Put them on the bed and I didn’t feel much difference initially. But after about a week I switched them out with our old sheets and I felt like I was cooking. “

July 2023

There’s a reason Egyptian cotton has such a pristine reputation—and, it seems that over 27,000 people who gave these sheets a five-star rating agree. These sheets are luxuriously soft, multiple reviewers say. They’re breathable, fit well, and come in a wide range of beautiful color options.

June 2023

When it comes to bedding, few textiles are as sought-after as Egyptian cotton. This set from Thread Spread features a 100% extra-long-staple cotton construction with a 1000 thread count and buttery soft sateen weave. They’re designed to feel luxurious and silky like those you might find at a five-star hotel.

June 2023

” Even Bedding Snobs Say These Are the ‘Softest Sheets’ Ever… “

November 2021

Comfy, lightweight, and smooth, customers say these sheets really are a bomb bang for your buck. “

June 2021